преподаватель-носитель английского языка

"I concentrate on cracking the conundrums constantly confronting my students. Keenly knitting together knowledge to keep your kayak’s keel above the chaotic crests to skip calamitous catastrophe is key to conscious cultural and communicative cultivation. Keep calm and Kyle kapow!"

Образование: Honors BA with Latin Honors in Linguistics, Russian Culture and Language, and Spanish Language

Дополнительное образование: TEFL Certificate from VIA Lingua

Опыт работы:  5 years ESL, 2 years TEFL

Ключевые навыки: Native English speaker, extensive experience teaching and working with students of all ages in English and other spheres (Spanish, Wilderness skills, Linguistics), experience translating (Russian to English, Spanish to English, and vice versa), Upper Intermediate level of Russian, Advanced level of Spanish, copy and technical editing and proofreading in English, experience training and aiding TEFL instructors, experience as Head Teacher and Methodologist at an ESL school, extensive experience with ESL camps and children's programs

Личные качества: Vibrant, positive, flexible, engaged with the language and eager to share this enthusiasm with students to help them learn

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