ассистент преподавателя английского языка

"The English language has been the Alpha and Omega for me for a very long time now. I’ve been working with this language for many years and it has taught me more than anything else in life. Thanks to this language I’ve travelled a lot and lived in different countries. It’s been helping me study other languages more effectively as well. The English language has opened many doors for me. To me teaching English is helping my students open those doors, too, as well as making it possible for them to see the new horizons I’ve discovered thanks to this beautiful language."

Образование: MA in Linguistics, translation and interpretation

Дополнительное образование: Certifications in Italian Language and culture and Croatian language and culture

Опыт работы:  2 года

Ключевые навыки: Intermediate Knowledge of Russian Language, experience translating and interpreting (Italian to English, Croatian to English, Slovak to English and vice versa), experience teaching English

Личные качества: helpful, friendly, communicative, positive, enthusiastic, responsible, patient

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